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Advanced Field Services

Comprehensive upstream supply chain management solutions for footwear and leather brands to ensure risk mitigation and unlock commercial opportunities.

Effective supply chain management is essential in today’s fast-paced business environment. By strategically allocating resources upstream, unlock opportunities and gain competitive advantage in your target markets.

Advanced field services provide upstream supply chain management solutions covering mold prevention, chromium VI and operational efficiency. Each incorporates innovative solutions to enhance supplier identification, factory compliance, material sourcing, operational process optimization and data analysis.

  • Streamlined operations
    Proactive management of inventories, logistics and supplier relationships lets you optimize processes, reduce inefficiencies and enhance overall operational effectiveness to maximize productivity and minimize costs.
  • Risk mitigation
    Identify vulnerabilities and implement effective risk management strategies at an early stage to minimize disruption and ensure business continuity.
  • Enhanced collaboration
    Foster strong relationships and enable seamless coordination with upstream suppliers and partners to align goals and drive innovation, product quality and exceptional customer experiences.

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Why choose advanced field services from SGS?
We are recognized as the benchmark for quality and integrity in the footwear and leather goods sector. Wherever you operate in the world, our network of experts and state-of-the-art testing facilities is ready to support you with tailored upstream supply chain management solutions that enable growth, risk mitigation and operational excellence.

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