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Unlock quality and efficiency in your footwear or garment supply chain with SGS.
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Achieving consistency in quality and efficiency across supply chains can be challenging. To succeed in ever-changing, competitive global markets, factories need to meet deadlines and specifications for quality, safety and performance.

Robust quality management system (QMS)

Aligning your processes, documentation and resources with company objectives and customer expectations using an effective QMS enables you to outperformance competitors through operational excellence.

Key to this is the integration of a process for continuous improvement within the QMS. This allows the refinement of existing practices while pursuing incremental enhancements and unearthing areas for innovation. A meticulous assessment of technical specifications and pre- and online production processes is indispensable for identifying areas for improvement and optimization.

Supercharge your upstream supply chain

Address challenges in your garment or footwear supply chain with our comprehensive operational optimization solutions:

  • FOOTS – footwear operational optimization technical services
  • GOODS – garment operational optimization diligence services

FOOTS and GOODS incorporate:

  • Technical factory assessment (TFS) – evaluate footwear and garment manufacturing processes to identify potential process risks and areas for improvement
  • Production readiness check (PRC) – assess your facility’s readiness for mass production of a specific order to reduce risks and save costs
  • Onsite production control (OPC) – assess onsite operations and provide preventive advice to secure bulk quality at an early stage
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Why choose FOOTS and GOODS from SGS?
We are recognized as the benchmark for quality and integrity in the softlines industry. Wherever you operate in the world, our global network of industry experts is ready support you with comprehensive operational optimization solutions that help you overcome supply chain and production challenges by providing insights and identifying areas for improvement.

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