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At SGS, we run operations in more than 125 countries. As a major purchaser of supplies and services, we use our supply chain strategy to support operational excellence and help ensure business sustainability.

SGS provides specialized solutions that help businesses improve quality and safety and reduce risk, enabling them to navigate an increasingly regulated world.

We provide local expertise on a global scale, with a worldwide network of over 2,650 offices and laboratories, operating across seven regions and four divisions. To meet demands for materials and services, we rely on a network of third-party suppliers, spanning all the locations in which we operate.

In support of the services provided by SGS, our procurement teams manage purchases in the following categories:

Scientist Using Pipette to Transfer Liquid Solution

Laboratory Equipment

Field and Testing Equipment

Thermal Power Plant with Solar Panels

Facility Management

IT and Tele Communications

Warehouse Worker

Professional Services


Foreman Controlling the Loading of Containers

Supply Chain and Logistics

Travel and Fleet Management