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Focus on India 2022

Agri Trade HighlightsGrainsSeptember 25, 2022

India has enormous agricultural potential, with its agriculture market expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 10.5% during 2022–2027.

For 2022, the government has set a record target for farmers to raise food grains production by 2%, aiming to produce about 307 million metric tons (MMT) of grains.

Despite its promising outlook, the Indian agricultural market currently faces several significant challenges. There is a huge variation in the quality of agricultural commodities due to the prevalence of numerous small scale farms, the fact that multiple different varieties of crops are planted and the inconsistent use of fertilizers throughout regions (and the nation as a whole). Moreover, poor packaging and low mechanization in the logistics supply chain and port operations create unwanted hurdles.

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This is where we can help. SGS in India has over 70 years’ worth of experience delivering leading solutions to the agricultural commodities industry, ensuring that commodities throughout India are stored and transported in line with contractual obligations and industry-specific regulatory requirements. We have established a reputation for our customer-centric approach, offering customizable testing, inspection, risk management, audit and certification, and market intelligence services to meet our clients’ ever-evolving needs.

We’re trusted, independent and committed. We’re SGS.

We’ve worked with SGS for over two decades now. During this time, we’ve received a wide range of services, all of which have been delivered to the highest standard. We can always trust SGS to deliver, no matter the project, location or deadline.

Jay Chandrana, Managing Director at Dhaval Agri Exports

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Focus on India 2022

Focus on India 2022

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