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European Standard EN12790 on Reclined Cradles Revised

SafeGuardSToys and Juvenile ProductsMarch 30, 2023

SG 41/23

European standardization bodies can find the revised EN12790 standard applicable to reclined cradles in the CEN library. Now split into two parts (EN12790-1 and EN12790-2), it should be published by all the member states by September 2023 at the latest.

The revision of the standard EN12790: 2009 on reclined cradles was published in March 2023 and is now split into two parts.

The two parts now cover two different range of products:

  • Part 1 of the standard is applicable to reclined cradles for children up to when they start trying to sit up
  • Part 2 covers reclined cradles for children up to when they start to stand up, introducing more stringent requirements and tests

The scope of EN12790-1 corresponds to that of EN12790: 2009.

In part 2, the standard expands the scope to cover fixed or folding reclined cradles for children up to when they start to stand up.

Car seats that comply with UN ECE R44 or UN ECE R129 that can be used as reclined cradles according to the manufacturer's instructions are also covered by both parts of the standard, depending on the size of the children for whom they are intended.

This revision has been prepared by CEN experts and updates the requirements and test methods applicable to reclined cradles to the latest state-of-the-art techniques and covers a wider range of products.

The changes introduced by this revision may influence the conformity of products. Please find a summary of major changes implemented in part 1:

  • Clause 6 – chemical hazards: has been modified to apply the latest version of EN71-3, a limit for formaldehyde has been added and requirements for colorants and aniline have been introduced
  • In Clause 7 – thermal hazards: a maximum flame propagation speed (50 mm/s) has been added
  • As there are many models of reclined cradles now available on the market which include additional functions such as motion and sounds, requirements have been introduced to address hazards relating to sound pressure level, powered motion and electrical safety (clauses 8.2, 8.11.4 and 8.14)
  • Clauses 8.3 – entrapment hazards, 8.7 – hazards from entanglement by cords, ribbons and similar parts and 8.9 – suffocation hazards from plastic packaging sheets have been updated
  • Product information in clause 9 has been improved: the relevant symbols as mentioned in CEN/TR13387-5 have been adopted and in Annex A the translations of the warnings are provided in the relevant languages of the European Union.

EN 12790-2 has been introduced to broaden the scope of the standard and considers the real use of these products by older children. Please note that EN 12790-2 should only be applied in combination with EN12790-1, it cannot be used separately.

  • This part of the standard adds a forward stability test in clause 6.1, considering older children are more active
  • The mass used for the static strength test in clause 6.2 is increased, from 20 kg up to 27 kg
  • The dynamic strength test (6.3) shall be carried out with a 20 kg test mass, instead of 15 kg
  • The 9 kg test mass used for the test of the reclining system (6.4) and hazards from possible slippage of the reclined cradle (6.5), is replaced by a 12 kg test mass
  • Product information in clause 7 is also adapted to reflect the ability of the children the reclined cradle is intended for

In accordance with European National Standard organizations bound to CEN/CENELEC rules conflicting national standards must be withdrawn in March 2024

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