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FSSC 24000

Introducing FSSC 24000 and Its Benefits

Demonstrate safe and fair working conditions, business ethics and supply chain due diligence with an FSSC 24000 audit.
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ISO 14064 1

Defining ISO 14064-1 and Its Benefits

Verify your organizational carbon footprint with an ISO 14064-1 verification audit.
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amfori QMI

amfori QMI for Supply Chain Visibility and Quality

Enhance quality management and build a responsible and sustainable supply chain with a one-day amfori QMI audit.
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Greenwashing and Verifying

Crucial Ways to Avoid Greenwashing While Verifying Environmental Claims

Avoid falling into the trap of greenwashing by understanding its various categories.
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ISOIEC 27001

The Importance of ISO/IEC 27001 and Transitioning to the 2022 Version

Demonstrate your commitment to information security, cybersecurity and privacy protection with an audit against ISO/IEC 27001.
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Onshoring and Nearshoring

Onshoring and Nearshoring Post-Pandemic

Onshoring or nearshoring production could provide more localized control of your supply chain. But how?
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AI Transparency and Explainability

Transparency and Explainability in AI

We have partnered with the Know-Center to explore AI transparency and explainability.
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Introducing FSSC 24000 and Its Benefits

The Main Indicator of All Continuous Improvement

Discover the main indicator of all continuous improvement.
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SGS Accelerates M&A Activity with Three Companies in the Americas

We have entered into definitive agreements to acquire three additional companies in the Americas: Gossamer in the United States, as well as AQM and Cromanal in Colombia.
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Fire Emergency Equipment in Public Building

Japan Designates PFOA isomers and PFOA-related compounds as Class I Specified Substances

Japan has added PFOA isomers, their salts and PFOA-related compounds as part of the nation’s management program on Class I Specified Substances. With a few exceptions, many of the provisions in the new cabinet order will apply from January 10, 2025.
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