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PFAS in Food Contact Materials and Other Consumer Products

Join our expert webinar on PFAS in consumer products: their classification, application and control.

The use of per- and polyfluoroakyl substances (PFAS) in consumer products, including food contact materials, is widespread due to their water repellent and non-stick qualities. However, their toxicity and bioaccumulation can cause serious and widespread health risks in both humans and animals. As concern grows over the threat PFAS pose in the environment, regulatory requirements are becoming more stringent and businesses need to respond proactively to changes in legislation.

In this live webinar, presenters Melanie Schubert and Hing Wo Tsang will explore PFAS: how they are defined and which consumer products are at risk of containing them. They will look at regulations in major global markets such as the US and EU and essential requirements for their use in cookware.

There will be an opportunity to learn about alternatives and information about how SGS’s testing solutions can help to provide support for clients with both regulatory compliance and product integrity.

Target Audience

This webinar is aimed at consumer product manufacturers and retailers.


  • Definition
  • Characteristics
  • Application
  • Toxicology
  • Regulatory landscape
  • Labeling requirements for cookware
  • Analytics
  • Alternatives and performance testing
  • Q&A


Melanie Schubert
Senior Technical Manager

Melanie Schubert is a board-approved food chemist, who received her master's degree from a leading German university. She has been working as a technical consultant on chemical and food contact regulations for consumer products for over ten years. She joined SGS in North America in 2022, and supports manufacturers and retailers in their chemical compliance programs.

Hing Wo Tsang
Global Information and Innovation Manager

With a background in chemistry, Hing Wo has more than 18 years’ experience in consumer product safety and quality, particularly in restricted substances and chemicals in the hardlines industry. He is a member of the Global Hardlines team and manages technical aspects ranging from regulatory and standard developments to chemical projects. He is also a member of SGS’s committee on food contact materials and articles.

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November 29, 2022, Tuesday >
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November 29, 2022, Tuesday >
4:00 pm (GMT + 1:00) Europe/Paris

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