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Welder Qualification Services

Welder qualification services from SGS – qualification of welders and welding procedures for pipeline construction, pipeline operators or independent contractors.

Poor quality pipeline welding, incorrect and/or inappropriate welding procedures mean that a weld can contain imperfections that weaken it significantly, leading to early failure, delays and increased costs.

Why choose welder qualification services from SGS?

We enable your organization to ensure pipeline integrity and eliminate any shortfall in qualified procedures and appropriately qualified welders. Our services help you to:

  • Develop welding procedures
  • Qualify welding procedures
  • Assess and qualify welders
  • Reduce costs and delays

Pipeline welding must be covered by a written procedure. If a procedure does not already exist, it must be written and qualified for use on that particular pipe. Our certified welding inspectors (CWIs) conduct welding procedure qualification. Furthermore, they can develop welding procedures for use in the field.

Our CWIs also make sure welders can weld to any standard on any material. This increases the chance of successful repairs in the field, and reduces costly delays. Mobile testing trailers enable us to test the welders in our facility, at the work site, or another location before they get to the site.

When you employ our welding qualification services a CWI is always present to:

  • Supervise the qualification process
  • Ensure specimens are correct for the intended procedure
  • Witness and document the welding of specimens
  • Ensure compliance with the procedure
  • Prepare "straps" for testing
  • Perform the testing of the coupons
  • Evaluate the results of the tests
  • Complete customer documentation and qualification forms

The CWI will perform:

  • Tensile tests
  • Bend tests
  • Nick break tests
  • Welding procedure qualification

In addition, butt, branch and sleeves are examined, welding consumables can be proved if requested. Radiography and metallugical testing services are also available on request.

To find out more about our welder qualification services contact your local SGS office today.

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