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Underground Tank Calibration and Tank Leak Detection Services

Ensure the efficiency of your fuel station with underground tank calibration and leak detection services from SGS.

Making sure that your underground horizontal tanks are calibrated and that leaks are detected is an essential part of maintaining efficient fuel station operations. Our underground tank calibration and leak detection services help you to measure and verify quantities/volume, and ensure tightness of underground tanks and pipes.

Accurate Calibration for Underground Tanks

Without accurate calibration tables, even the best gauging systems and the most accurate measurements are of little value. With our extensive calibration expertise, you can be sure of the highest degree of measurement accuracy, helping you to maintain client confidence and prevent costly errors.

As a world leader in all physical calibration types, including horizontal tanks at fuel retail sites, using cutting-edge techniques such as 3D laser calibration technology. Unlike traditional liquid calibration, which is time consuming and expensive, laser calibration enables swift, cost-effective and reliable calibration.

Our tank calibration services use 3D laser technology to provide you with:

  • Minimum filling station downtime
  • Highly accurate tables
  • Convenience, as emptying a tank is not required, unless the fuel level is less than 25%
  • Detection of underground tank inclination
  • ATEX certified technology
  • Reliable calibration that meets all environmental, safety and health requirements

Underground Leak Detection for Tanks and Associated Pipes

Leaks from the underground storage tanks and pipes results in loss of revenue. They can also lead to contamination of soil and water courses, leading to punitive action from environmental authorities, damaging your reputation.

Our leak detection services offer you:

  • An effective acoustic method to test the tightness of underground tanks and pipes
  • Detection of the smallest perforations
  • Precision – locating tightness problems on an underground tank, around a manhole cover, on pipes and connections
  • Immediate results to avoid downtime

Trusted Underground Tank Calibration and Tank Leak Detection from a World-leading Services Provider

As the world's leading testing, inspection, verification and certification company, we offer unrivaled experience and expertise in fuel retail operations. Our underground tank calibration and tank leak detection services offer you precise, cost-effective and accurate results, while minimizing disruption to your fuel retail operations.

To find out more about our underground tank calibration and leak detection services, contact us today.

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