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Test Equipment Calibration and Verification

For safely tested and inspected vehicles, well-maintained and accurately calibrated test equipment is vital.

That is why SGS offers a service that ensures your vehicle test equipment is measuring and performing accurately and efficiently.

Our Test Equipment Calibration and Verification service ensures that your test lane equipment is working properly. For example, we can help you calibrate, verify and maintain equipment such as:

  • Light tester
  • Emissions tester
  • Noise tester
  • Side Slip tester
  • Suspension tester
  • Brake tester
  • Decelerometer
  • IT hardware and software on the test lane

Thanks to a master IT system that monitors your test lane equipment, with SGS, you get a true end-to-end process, so the level of direct inspector intervention is minimized. The IT system working with your test lane equipment offers a number of significant advantages. For example, it will:

  • Automatically capture data
  • Optimize production methods through introducing an integrated test lane and facilitating lane switching of vehicles
  • Control the performance of the test by the inspector and minimize subjective assessment to the greatest extent possible 
  • Provide a fully transparent, recorded and traceable test result
  • Provide the basis for increased security and quality assurance of the testing process
  • Ensures consistency of outcomes across testing lanes
  • Alert inspectors to faults with testing equipment and, if possible, invoke reactive maintenance automatically

Planned Maintenance

The IT system holds data about when specific pieces of equipment require routine maintenance and calibration, and will alert technical assistants when needed. Service and calibration intervals are programmed for each item.

On completion of maintenance work a full report is issued along with Calibration Certificates. These certificates reference the calibration standards used and provide traceability to National or International standards. Your technical assistants review the certificates and, following approval, a copy is retained.

Consistency Assured

SGS has developed an equipment verification system that guarantees consistency, reduces downtime and gives you total confidence in the validity of your test equipment.

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