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System Bias Testing

Sampling bulk commodities can be difficult and if the results from a sample obtained by a mechanical sampling system (MSS) have validity, the system must be proven to be free of sampling bias.

SGS engineers complete bias testing on both the new systems that we install and existing mechanical sampling systems installed by others.

SGS has the expertise to detect problems that could cause bias in your system and then provide expert technical advice on the most effective way to address this. We can ensure that your MSS provides samples that are consistently free of bias. Our multi-step bias testing procedure results in a consistent reliable assessment of the accuracy and consistency of your system.

New installations

SGS has earned a reputation for efficiently identifying and remedying errors in coal mechanical sampling systems through bias testing. Your new mechanical sampling system should be tested for bias prior to final acceptance. SGS engineers check new systems and, if biased samples are found, offer advice on the most effective way to adjust the system and correct the bias.

Existing installations

The International Standards Organization (ISO) recommends regular bias testing of operating mechanical sampling systems. SGS offers periodic bias testing services to assure that your system is providing consistently representative results.

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