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StaffSure Certification

StaffSure certification helps provide balanced assurance that your workforce solutions operate honestly and lawfully.

Established by the Recruitment & Consulting Services Association (RCSA), the StaffSure standard provides end users of your workforce services with a single point of trust and confidence. Certification confirms that you are a reputable firm with a proven commitment to protecting your workers and clients. As the approved StaffSure program manager and lead audit company for this important initiative, we can help you understand the requirements and achieve certification.

The StaffSure program will:

  • Undertake a rigorous and transparent independent audit of workforce services providers that are required to achieve and maintain certification through initial and ongoing (biennial) audits
  • Provide a level of assurance for purchasers of workforce services and those in a service value network, providing confidence that they are dealing with a reputable and proven workforce services provider
  • Provide a widely available register of Certified Workforce Services Providers allowing buyers to make informed choices
  • Be available to all workforce services providers, regardless of RCSA membership
  • Be paid for by the workforce services providers that seek certification.

Why choose StaffSure certification with SGS?

StaffSure certification enables you to:

  • Give balanced assurance that you are a workforce solutions provider that is committed to operating lawfully and honestly
  • Confirm that your company is owned and managed by individuals with integrity
  • Provide workers and end users with confidence by demonstrating that you are a reputable organization and place the importance of health and safety of your workforce before profit
  • Prove your commitment to your regulatory, legal and ethical responsibilities

Trusted StaffSure certification services from an approved provider

As a world-leading provider of certification, verification, inspection and testing services, and an approved provider of StaffSure certification, we offer you unrivaled expertise and in-depth knowledge of the initiative’s requirements. 

How it works

We manage a biennial program of audits aligned to international standards that will provide assurance in the following fields:

  • Fit and proper persons are running the business
  • Correct work status and remuneration
  • Financial assurance to operate the business
  • Safe work
  • Immigration compliance
  • Decent accommodation for workers

High-risk companies, either identified through the audit process or by the RCSA, will be required to have annual audits until they are confirmed as meeting the certification standard.
Certified companies will be listed on the online register of Certified Workforce Services Providers.

To find out more about StaffSure certification, contact us today.

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