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Specialist Aviation Training

Specialist aviation training from SGS – strengthen and develop your understanding of aviation operations with specialized training services.

Aircraft are essential in a variety of industries, and many responsible managers will be given accountability for aviation contracts without having a corresponding background. We provide in-house training to ensure safe operations. Our custom training can help you with everything from managing aviation operations to training on specific issues that are found in your operational environment.

Why choose specialist aviation training from SGS?

Our aviation training can help:

  • Give your personnel an understanding of the risks that need to be managed in an aviation operation
  • Drive a culture of safety compliance within your business
  • Provide issue-specific training to address identified weaknesses in an operation
  • Understand the operational requirements of new environments – from cold weather operations to mountain flying
  • Facilitate safety management and emergency management exercises
  • Give non-aviation personnel an understanding of the areas that must be managed to ensure safe operations
  • Run aerodrome workshops covering daily inspections, procedures and management systems
  • Design custom aviation training tailored to your operations

Specialist Aviation Courses From a World-leading Training Provider

As a leading provider of training services, we are the first choice for major players in the aviation industry across the globe. We provide training packages and hold workshops with your on-site personnel to help strengthen and develop their understanding and awareness of aviation operations, safety and the management of aviation contracts.

To discuss your specialist aviation training requirements, contact us today.

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