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Special Populations and Patients

Solutions to ensure the recruitment of the right candidates for early phase clinical trials

Find the right patients and special populations with specialist recruitment and patient consultancy solutions for early phase clinical trials.

Recruiting the right candidates for early phase trials can be challenging, especially when special population groups and patients are required – elderly, post-menopausal, diabetes , etc. Finding these groups can be difficult, requiring the ability to operate in a variety of centers while demonstrating a high level of experience and attention to address associated risks and challenges.

Recruit the right patients

Our state-of-the-art clinical pharmacology unit (CPU) in Antwerp can assist with the recruitment of a wide range of candidate types. We ensure compliance with all relevant regulations while allowing you to obtain the necessary safety, pharmokinetic and pharmocodynamic data from the targeted populations.

We support the entire project – from study design to trial execution. Subjects are selected from an extensive database of healthy volunteers and can include special populations – e.g., people with mild to moderate diseases but on stable medication and otherwise healthy. Recruitment can be conducted through direct patient approach via collaborations with hospitals, general practitioners and patient groups.

Swift recruit is key to success in any clinical trial. All patient trials are conducted at either our CPU in Hungary or at hospital sites throughout Belgium Our dedicated recruitment team can also ensure the right candidates are available for any phase II study through partnerships with hospitals, academic institutions and medical federations.

Why choose special populations and patients services from SGS?

SGS is recognized as the benchmark for quality and integrity in early phase clinical design and execution. Whatever your objectives, our candidate recruitment teams will ensure you have the right target populations to optimize clinical data outcomes from your early phase trials.

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