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Soil and Sediment Sampling

An environmental assessment from the SGS accredited soil and sediment sampling experts will help improve your environmental management.

Call us today for a clean soil solution to maintain the value of this valuable asset, tailored to suit your business needs.

Environmental regulations may require you to detect and quantify levels of pollutants in your soil. Your soil quality is important because contaminants could cause risks for the human health of your personnel and neighbours. Remediation costs could also severely impact the value of your real estate operations and add costs to excavation and construction projects. Sediment in nearby rivers and canals may also need to be assessed to ensure you are operating with minimum environmental damage.

Our environmental services are accredited soil investigation and remediation experts. We offer a wide variety of drilling services and methods, specifically tailored for the investigation of soil and sediment on industrial and contaminated land sites. Our soil and sediment sampling services take on-site samples in preparation for detailed analysis by our laboratories. Our teams use top-of-the-line equipment for carrying out a full range of on-site investigations, including:

  • Soil investigation, sampling and analysis
  • Waste sampling and analysis (including sediment, sludge, ash and fly ash)
  • Environmental site assessment 
  • Risk assessments (human health, dispersion and ecotoxicologic risk)
  • Due diligence audit (phase I and phase II)
  • Environmental audits and impact assessments

The results of our investigations are used by our experts to create remediation plans for cleaning up a polluted site or for preventing further distribution of the pollutants into the environment.

Our services are certified according to national and international quality standards. With many years of experience and international network contacts, we can also keep you up to date on the latest legal developments and health and safety regulations.

Call our soil and sediment sampling team today.

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