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Quality Assurance and Quality Control for Statutory Inspection Programs

Statutory inspections that examine whether businesses are meeting national standards must in turn be subject to quality control and quality assurance inspections of their own.

Acknowledging that there can be no one-size-fits-all solution to such a challenge, SGS offers a flexible program of quality assurance and quality control for statutory inspection, which can be tailored to meet local need.

Quality Control

A key component of our quality control inspections is the assessment of inspection staff, to ensure that they deliver a service that consistently meets both the client’s and legislative requirements. We also aim to highlight any current or potential weaknesses in statutory inspection delivery so that your inspection team is:

  • Able to respond to changes in client working processes as and when they occur
  • Robust enough to adapt and develop its skills as changes in legislation require – for example if administrative processes are changed

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance inspections highlight ways in which training could improve the inspection process, and we deliver training programs on your behalf – either in-house or externally – on such issues as:

  • Inspection criteria
  • IT system updates
  • Administrative processes

We also report on equipment maintenance and calibration, so that you can be sure the skills and knowledge of your inspectors are complemented by accurate and efficient delivery technology.

Contact SGS today to find out how we could design and deliver programs that respond to your inspection needs. Our staff are trained and assessed to the same high standards as those we inspect, so you can be sure of receiving a world-class service.

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