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Public Information and Education for Statutory Inspection Programs

Thanks to our wide-ranging experience in vehicle and driver testing programs, SGS is ideally placed to help you communicate with the general public when you change or introduce vehicle inspection or driver testing programs.

People react differently to change but the more information they have about why changes are being made, and how they affect them, the better. That is why we offer a Public Information and Education service to increase Road Safety awareness.

Typically, a public information campaign will comprise many of the usual media: specific website, press, outdoor posters, radio, television, direct mail, and information inside our inspection centers. However, exact media candidates will depend on what it is we need to achieve and the precise audience we need to reach. Campaign creative and messaging will be tested before it is exposed to the general public and adjusted as necessary. And if corporate identity and style sheets are required, we can develop those elements of your campaign for you as well.

We have a dedicated Public Information and Education Team who will be on hand throughout the duration of the campaign to answer questions from the public. We will also liaise with and report to the relevant authorities, providing quantitative and qualitative data.

The overlying objective of the communications will be to educate and inform the public about the importance of safe, clean vehicles and good driver behaviour for road safety – and report back to you so that you know exactly how the campaign is progressing.

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