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Project Monitoring Services

Project monitoring from SGS – know the exact status of your project, anytime, anywhere.

Globalization, increasing costs and quality pressures mean that outsourcing your projects to new contractors in different countries has become more common. However, whatever your industry and wherever your project is based, you still need to ensure high quality, short delivery times and reliability. However, keeping track of projects in other countries can be tough. That’s where independent project monitoring from SGS can help.

Why use project monitoring from SGS?

With a global network of specialist project monitoring consultants/specialists, we can provide you with the trusted expertise you need. From on-site visits, exact status reports and quality assurance, we can provide you with a local service anywhere in the world – fast.

Our project monitoring services can help you:

  • Gain regular, accurate project status information on engineering, material delivery, production, inspection, testing, packing and shipping, helping you make informed decisions
  • Protect your investment and assure quality with constant project monitoring
  • Ensure your project adheres to schedule and can be completed on time and within budget
  • Comply with local and international regulations and quality standards
  • Detect possible problems quickly with regular reporting, helping you foresee cost overruns and delays
  • Evaluate technical solutions to keep the project on track

Unrivaled Project Monitoring from the World’s Leading Provider

Our professional inspectors are based in over 1,000 offices across the globe, enabling us to offer you comprehensive project monitoring wherever you need it. That is why we are the first choice for industrial clients, financial institutions, insurance companies, trade companies and investors who want trusted project monitoring. Our project monitoring services include:

  • Dedicated project coordination and monitoring
  • Comprehensive consultancy during your entire project
  • Permanent milestone monitoring
  • Budget control
  • Account auditing
  • Quality assurance and quality control inspections
  • Supervision of acceptance tests at production and/or procurement
  • Loading and unloading inspections
  • Materials testing
  • Detailed reporting and photo documentation

To discuss how our project monitoring service can help you protect your investment, assure quality and ensure completion on time and within budget, contact us today.

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