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Product Conformance Testing

As the risk of adulteration and contamination increases, quality control of fuel is becoming increasingly important in the fuel distribution chain.

Failure to ensure fuel quality can have disastrous and wide-ranging consequences, from impaired engine performance and reduced engine life to costly increases in fuel consumption and a damaging impact on the environment.

SGS brings you a mobile fuel testing laboratory with on-site analysis and testing facilities, providing quick turnaround of results with the hallmark of SGS quality.

Housed in a specially modified van, the mobile laboratory is a fully self-sufficient working unit equipped with analytical instruments necessary for operational fuel quality determination at controls, inspections or handovers.

Quality Control of Fuels: What We Offer

Our product conformance testing service provides:

  • Reliable information on fuel quality, quickly and on-site at the place of sampling
  • Sampling at every point of the fuel distribution chain – including distributors, transporters, reserve stores, petrol stations and car tanks
  • Random spot checks, sampling and storage of samples to identify discrepancies in quality along the supply chain
  • Detailed analysis of petroleum products to meet our customers’ requirements

SGS provides fuel testing services to a wide range of customers throughout the fuel supply chain. These include:

  • Producers
  • Importers
  • Fuel carriers
  • Petrol stations
  • International and local chains
  • Small retailers
  • State authorities, including trade inspection and customs bodies
  • Fuel users

Find out how product conformance testing from SGS supports the quality control of fuels.

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