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Pressure Equipment Certification

Pressure equipment certification from SGS - comply with the unique requirements of the country you are operating in.

Whether you manufacture or operate pressure equipment, such as pressure vessels, tanks, boilers, pressurized systems and process installations, you need to comply with stringent local and national statutory regulations. Our pressure equipment certification services ensure that you comply with the unique requirements of the country you are operating in.

Why choose pressure equipment certification from SGS?

As a leading provider, SGS is recognized and accredited across the world to conduct trusted pressure equipment certification. As a result, we can help you deal with the complex regulations and documentation required for your equipment – wherever you may be based. Plus, our design appraisal engineers, inspection personnel and quality system auditors are located throughout the world to provide you with professional expert services in the local language.

We can help you:

  • Ensure that you meet essential safety requirements 
  • Satisfy appropriate conformity assessment procedures
  • Achieve the necessary pressure equipment certification by providing you with our expertise as an independent and notified body
  • Meet your deadlines with efficient turnaround of design appraisal certification

A Leading Provider of Pressure Equipment Certification Across the Globe

With our expertise, experience, resources and worldwide network of certified inspectors, we are uniquely placed to provide you with independent pressure equipment certification. We also develop market access and acceptance strategies throughout your product planning and development phase. That is why we are the ideal partner during every phase of your pressure equipment – from planning to construction and operation.

Our pressure equipment certification services include:

  • Approval of joining personnel and procedures
  • Design examination
  • Determination of intrinsic boiler water quality
  • Field inspection and coordination
  • Interim inspections during the construction phase
  • Material approval
  • Periodic visual controls 
  • Periodic inspections and audits
  • Product inspection, test and certification
  • Quality system approval
  • Risk assessment and analysis 
  • Safety device and connection controls approval
  • Stoking tests on steam equipment
  • Type examination and approval
  • Verification of calculations and drawings before construction
  • Verification of welding files and material certificates
  • Welding procedure and welding qualifications for all international standards
  • Witnessing of hydrostatic testing

Contact us today to find out how our pressure equipment certification services can help you comply with the unique requirements of the country you are operating in.

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