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Petrochemical Testing

Petrochemicals are an essential building block of modern life and the trade in these commodities is now both truly global and immensely complex.

Commodities are moving around the world in volumes and between destinations that were unimaginable only a few years ago.

Quality control of petrochemicals is essential for producers, traders and distributors. At SGS, we carry out full specification testing to international, national, trade or company-specific standards for petrochemicals.

Our Petrochemical Testing Services

Our laboratory network provides a full range of testing, including the routine determination of purity by GC, HPLC, and, where necessary the more advances GC-MS techniques. We also provide the more traditional determinations of basic physical parameters such as distillation, density, acidity and color. Our global network of laboratories exists to supply good quality risk management facilities to all interested stakeholders. .
We provide analysis for all petrochemicals on demand. Our labs analyze petrochemical samples from:

  • Refineries
  • Storage facilities
  • Storage tanks
  • Small-scale storage, such as drums and ISO tanks

Why SGS?

SGS is your first port of call for testing and inspection services for the whole range of petrochemicals.

Our highly trained analysts work in modern laboratories which are equipped with cutting-edge technology. Many of our lab facilities are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025, which means we can guarantee analytical testing to the very highest laboratory standards. SGS seeks to maintain laboratory quality and monitor proficiency by taking part in both internal and third-party round robin testing programs, together with internal and independent audits and rigorous training and competency compliance standards.

We are an active member of many industry bodies, groups and organizations, including those within ASTM, ISO, CEN, EI (The Energy Institute, formerly the Institute of Petroleum) and IFIA.

Our trade inspections of oil, gas and chemical cargoes are always conducted on the basis of  accepted core petroleum and petrochemical standards such as API, MPMS, ASTM, UOP, GOST, EN or IP testing methods and specifications as set out by ISO, CEN and by regional and national standards organizations.

We are also able to use custom-built analytical methods and those supplied by clients, where required. Where appropriate, we can also assist stakeholders in selecting suitable standards to use and/or cite as a means of ensuring reasonable risk management within a particular transaction. Our technical support team is available to give expert advice and assistance on standards, working practices and technologies in use.

Find out more about petrochemical testing services from SGS.

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