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On-site Aviation Support

On-site aviation support from SGS – manage your aviation operations with expert personnel – on-site, anywhere in the world.

Projects that rely on aviation support have to meet strict safety requirements, and must be continually monitored for delays that could impact your overall operation. On-site management of aviation operations is essential, and where you don’t have trained aviation personnel in place, we can bridge the gap. We can provide expert aviation personnel to form part of your on-site team for the safe management of your aviation operations.

Why choose on-site aviation support from SGS?

Operating on-site for designated periods or through multiple personnel operating back-to-back, we offer continuous coverage. Our aviation advisors can:

  • Manage the start-up of your aviation activities
  • Provide on-going surveillance of your operations 
  • Give expert advice on safety and efficiency

Trusted On-site Aviation Support from a World Leader

As a leading provider of aviation services across the globe, we can help you manage your aviation operation from the beginning, providing expert advice so that you can conduct your operation on time and on budget. We offer:

  • Expert advisors with a diverse variety of aviation backgrounds, with practical knowledge and management experience
  • Local experts who speak the local language, backed up by worldwide resources 
  • Experience with a wide range of aviation operations, and an understanding of what is required for each environment

To discuss your on-site aviation support requirements, contact us today.

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