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Multivalent Solutions & Special Techniques

Maximize outcomes with a comprehensive range of innovative assessment methodologies, complex sample handing and special techniques for early phase clinical trials, from SGS.

Early phase clinical trial protocols are becoming increasingly complex as multiple objectives are embedded into a single design. It is now standard practice to incorporate pharmacodynamic read-outs alongside safety assessments and pharmacokinetic sampling. In combination with fast processing and the maximization of qualitative data results, this allows for smooth and secure decision making about the market potential of a molecule.

We provide comprehensive multivalent solutions and innovative techniques to help you optimize the outcomes from your study design.

Benefits include:

  • Swift complex handling of all kinds of body fluid samples
  • Ability to upscale in a constricted timeframe
  • Customizable special assays, including imaging via our hospital network
  • Biomarker strategy development
  • Specific functional testing
  • In-house development of techniques and technologies like peripheral blood mononuclear cell (PBMC) testing and flow cytometry

SGS is recognized as the benchmark for quality and integrity in early phase clinical trial protocol design and execution. Whatever your objectives, we have the capabilities in place to help you minimize risk while optimizing outcomes.

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