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Mill and Plant Support

Gain the accurate analysis you need to manage your mine, mill or plant and maximize your operations.

With a number of different considerations – from process to environmental and industry specifications – running an effective and efficient plant or mill can be challenging.

We provide industry leading support for mines, mills and plants with reliable chemical analysis for your metallurgical and process samples. We determine the grade of your head or feed samples, middlings, reagents, leach solutions, SX-EW liquors, tails, process waters, concentrates, metals, slags or residues.

Why choose mill and plant support from SGS?

We provide you with precise analytical results, enabling you to:

  • Optimize your operation
  • Fine-tune your processing circuit
  • Ensure environmental compliance
  • Meet market or contract specifications

Why SGS?

Our global teams of experts can provide analytical support for a wide variety of sample types. We have the proven expertise gained over many years of metallurgical support and can provide the accurate results you need. Our mill/in-plant analysis services include:

  • Core analytical suites – we support a wide range of analytical requirements including:
    • Fire and PhotonAssay gold or platinum determinations
    • Trace element determinations by ICP-AES
    • Manual or automated titrations
    • CVAA mercury analysis
    • AAS base metal determinations
    • Carbon and sulfur
    • Chromatography
  • Customized analytical suites – we provide customized analytical suite determinations to support specific analytical requirements
  • Digestions – a variety of analytical digestions, leaches and fusions
  • Particle size analysis by screening and sieving
  • Basic metallurgical testing:
    • Grindability testing such as SPI or SMC
    • Flotation testing
    • Shake tests

To discuss how we can support your mill or plant, contact us today.

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