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LNG Portable Sampler and Testing Rig

In the custody transfer of LNG products, collecting representative, uncontaminated samples is key to ensuring regulatory compliance and demonstrating fulfillment of your contractual obligations.

The SGS LNG sampler analyzer is designed to provide a simple, accurate and cost-effective means of sampling and measuring light hydrocarbon gases in locations with minimal space.

Uses of the LNG portable sampler

The sampler incorporates an ABB Inc. gas chromatograph (GC) and is designed for, continual and composite on-site sample analysis of gas streams, providing compositional data as well as calorific value. It is designed for gas streams including Natural Gas (NG), Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) streams. The unit can collect and retain analysis information for one to four independent sample streams.

Its applications include:

  • Transportation:
    • Transmission and distribution
  • Inspection service:
    • Custody transfer with metrology quality results
    • Production
    • Gas gathering
    • End user gas markets
  • Custody Transfer:
    • Independent verification of the terminal sampling system
    • Correlation testing
    • Verification of on board quality
    • Monitoring of cargo ageing

Basic features of the sampler analyzer

  • System design conforms to ISO 8943 sampling method
  • Field-mounted testing rig designed to collect intermittent gas samples, integrated with a GC configured to provide measurements of N2, CO2, and light hydrocarbons through C6+, and provide calorific values
  • Conventional analytical components, not a GC on a chip
  • Windows CE operating system
  • Interactive graphical display actuated by magnet contact
  • Calculated values include:
    • Gas compressibility per AGA
    • Real Relative Density (Specific Gravity
    • Btu/CV Valu
    • GPM (gallons of liquid per thousand cubic ft
    • Wobbe Inde
    • Methane numbe
    • Optional calculations include: AGA 10 speed of sound, Hydrocarbon Dew Point
  • Designed for Pipeline-Quality Natural Gas. 800 to 1500 Btu per standard cubic foot (29.8 to 55.9 mega joules/meter³) with less than 100 PPM H2S
  • Calculations Per: GPA 2172-96 (Z by AGA 8 or single virial summation) and ISO 6976-95; ISO 12213 (by AGA8); in the future - ASTM D 3588, GOST or ISO mass
  • Meet or exceeds GPA 2261-99 for linearity

Advantages of the sampler analyzer

  • Independent, impartial service
  • Simple, cost-effective and economical to operate
  • Small and lightweight (around 25 kilos)
  • GC design eliminates the need for onboard PC
  • Onboard memory can store up to 480 analysis, with additional memory optional
  • Low power consumption, allowing for an estimated 30 hours of operation
  • Comparatively low carrier gas consumption
  • Allows for closed loop sampling, eliminating fugitive emissions
  • Integrated sampling syringe allows for very low sampling rates, with < 0.1 cc/min easily achievable, allowing for composite sampling

Find out more about how the LNG sampler analyzer from SGS can support your operations.

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