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JISQ 9100, AS 9100, EN 9100 – Quality Management Systems for Aerospace Industry

Set your organization apart from the competition with AS/EN 9100 audit and certification by SGS.

The aerospace industry must meet the highest levels of safety whether you work in design and manufacture or offer overhaul and repair services. Quality in the aerospace industry, from commercial to defense aviation, is measured against the AS/EN 9100 standard series.

AS/EN 9100 aerospace standards, developed by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG), covers the entire supply chain. This includes companies that design and manufacture equipment and supply accessories or replacement parts, as well as those that offer supply and maintenance or overhaul and repair services. The standard is universally adopted, but has a different name on different continents. AS 9100 is used in the Americas, EN 9100 in Europe and in the Asia-Pacific region JISQ 9100.

Associated Standards

AS/EN 9100 is the core standard for aerospace certification, but we can also guide you through the associated standards, published by the Society of Automotive Engineers, that relate to different segments of the industry as necessary:

  • AS/EN 9110 – for maintenance and repair organizations
  • AS/EN 9120 – aerospace stockists and pass-through distributors
  • AS 9003 – outsourced inspection and test quality system providers

In addition to certification services, we offer in-depth training to explain the requirements of AS/EN 9100 and the associated quality management standards. Contact your local SGS office to find the course schedule for your region.

We also offer a selection of services to help you manage quality and develop a culture of continuous improvement:

  • Simultaneous audit and certification of your QMS systems with other management systems you have implemented
  • Customized audit solutions against bespoke quality performance criteria. SGS can help develop criteria or simply check performance against existing measures

Demonstrate your commitment to aerospace standards with an AS/EN 9100 standard audit from SGS.

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