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Health, Safety, and Environment Management (HS&E)

To prevent workplace hazards and meet health, safety and environment regulations, you need a robust risk assessment and an integrated management strategy.

Call us today for a health, safety and environment management plan.

SGS is the industry leader for workplace health and safety services, having worked for over 25 years with a range of industry sectors – from architects to shopping mall constructions, rail, roads and airports, nuclear and power plants. We work according to national and international standards and are accredited by numerous bodies. Our health and safety services professionals are experts in the prevention of occupational hazards. We help you ensure your installations, material, equipment and facilities meet all the necessary standards and regulations. If your people are working in an environment at risk of explosion from gas or combustible materials, we can help you with a robust risk assessment.

We work with you at all stages of your business – from the planning and design of architectural and site plans, to construction, operations and site maintenance. We help you develop your management plan and integrate it across your organization, using bespoke software applications to suit your needs. We can then monitor and supervise the plan to ensure it is working, promoting continuous improvement and on-site productivity.

We can help you with the following services:

  1. Prevention of labor risks:
    • Hazard identification, risk assessment and determination of controls for working processes as well as specific job roles
    • Design of preventive and corrective control plans 
    • Evaluations for exposure to chemical, physical and biological contaminants
    • Ergonomic and psycho-sociology assessments studies
    • Safety inspections of installations and equipment
    • Accident investigation and corrective measures
    • Occupational health and safety management systems: OHSAS 18.001
    • Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH) and Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) services 
    • Indoor environmental quality services
    • Asbestos risk assessment
    • Staff  and technician health and safety training

  2. Health and safety in work construction
    • Health and safety coordination 
    • Health and safety studies and plans
    • Specialized training

  3. Industrial safety
    • Emergency plans
    • Explosion risk assessments 
    • Control of major accidents and hazards: SEVESO
    • Quantitative risk analysis

  4. Research, development and innovation health and safety

Our services also include documentation to support:

  • Compliance with all relevant regulations
  • Verification of health and safety plans and access permits
  • Internal license controls
  • Certificate control for cranes and operators

We are your perfect partner to take on the complexities of safety coordination and monitoring on your behalf. With a robust and integrated health, safety and environmental plan, your organization will show your people and your stakeholders you are serious about safety. Start your plan today – call our accredited safety team for an initial risk assessment now.

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