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Expert support when achieving GMP+ animal feed certification.

Build trust and confidence with GMP+ certification for your feed business.

Delivering safe, high-quality feed products to global markets promotes animal health and nutrition while enhancing your company’s reputation. Certification and choosing to work with other certified animal feed and feed ingredient suppliers demonstrates your commitment to transparency, high standards and consistency.

Our solution

GMP+ certification provides assurance that businesses in the animal feed and feed ingredient supply chain conform to recognized standards for quality and safety. Applicable to all actors in the global supply chain – grower to producer – it is non-prescriptive, combining the principles of good manufacturing practice (GMP) and HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control points).

Additionally, incorporation of the feed responsibility assurance (FRA) module into your GMP+ certification allows you to demonstrate to stakeholders that responsible practices are being undertaken throughout your supply chain.

Wherever you operate in the world, we are ready to support you on your GMP+ certification journey with a comprehensive range of certification solutions.


  • Demonstrates best practice and regulatory compliance
  • Enables continuous improvements
  • Expert support in GMP+ certification
  • Global network, local expertise

We are recognized as the benchmark for quality and integrity in the global animal feed industry. Our global network of experts understands the needs of your business and the requirements of national and international markets, empowering you to build trust in your products and supply chains.

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