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Full Outturn Quality (FOQ)

Recover losses associated with reductions in quality between loading and discharge with SGS’s guarantees.
Fishmeal Inspection, SGS PERU

Quality is vital when trading agricultural commodities. Goods must meet the quality requirements defined in the contract or there is a risk of penalties.

Full outturn quality (FOQ) guarantee

Our full outturn quality (FOQ) guarantee solution removes the potential for losses resulting from agricultural commodities not meeting quality requirements after discharge. Our service has multiple advantages, including the elimination of erroneous results caused by different sampling and testing methodologies being employed by local contractors. With a global network of highly trained inspectors, our harmonized processes will ensure these variables are removed. We also assume responsibility for quality discrepancies between loading and discharge. Under specific agreed terms, we will remove the risk associated with loss in quality.

SGS Natural Resources, Agri Commodities, Antwerp, Belgium

With industry experts in all major trading hubs, we offer a variety of guarantee services, including:

  • Full outturn guarantee (FOG)
  • Comprehensive cover (marine insurance and FOG)
  • Non-Rejection Guarantee
  • Fumigation guarantee
  • Seller’s interest/contingency insurance
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Why choose SGS?

We are recognized as the benchmark for quality and integrity. Wherever you operate in the world, our solutions help you to minimize trading risks while eliminating possible exposure to claims and financial losses.

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