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Full Outturn Guarantee (FOG)

Effective and flexible insurance against losses resulting from weight discrepancies between loading and discharge from SGS.
Worker Supervising Loading of Containers

Discrepancies in weight between loading and discharge are a major problem when trading high value agricultural commodities. Costly penalties may result from not meeting customs and/or contractual obligations.

Guarantee solutions mitigate risk

Full outturn guarantee (FOG) is our one-stop solution for mitigating this risk. We assume responsibility for any weight differences, thereby minimizing any losses that may occur through:

  • Customary trading
  • Errors in measurement
  • Theft
  • Other unknown factors that cannot be assigned to another party
Worker Supervising Loading of Containers
Cargo Logistics and Transportation Leader 3d Rendering

FOG is just one of a suite of guarantee solutions. Our other services include:

  • Comprehensive cover (marine insurance and FOG)
  • Full outturn quality (FOQ)
  • Non-Rejection Guarantee
  • Fumigation guarantee
  • Seller’s interest/contingency insurance
Why choose SGS?
We are the world’s leading testing and inspection company. With a global network of experts, including highly trained inspectors in all ports, we will help you to trade commodities safely and effectively in global market, reducing risk at all stages of your supply chain.

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