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Fuel Quality Monitoring Programs

Control the quality of fuel distributed through retail stations with the fuel quality monitoring program from SGS.
SGS Automotive Fuel Gas Station Seal of Quality

Failure to ensure fuel quality can have wide-ranging consequences, from impaired engine performance and reduced engine life to costly increases in fuel consumption and a damaging impact on the environment. Our fuel quality monitoring program helps you control the quality of fuel distributed through retail stations more efficiently.

Fuel Quality Monitoring Program: Seal of Quality

Since 2003, our Seal of Quality has ensured quality control throughout the fuel supply chain – from depots to retail stations. The Seal of Quality Mark is granted to participating fuel retail station networks that meet all the standards of the program. The Seal of Quality Mark can then be displayed at every gas station, dispenser, terminal and tank truck – enabling consumers to identify and choose high-quality fuels.

Why choose fuel quality monitoring programs from SGS?

Our fuel quality monitoring program provides:

  • An audit focused on processes that influence fuel quality
  • Sampling at every point of fuel distribution – including retail stations, transporters/tank trucks and reserve stores/depots
  • Random spot checks, sampling and storage of samples to identify discrepancies in quality along the supply chain
  • Detailed analysis of fuels to meet the established Seal of Quality requirements

Our fuel quality program can be applied to fuel retail stations, terminal/depots and transportation by carrying out checks of tanker trucks. Fuel quality programs can be implemented either separately or together.

Our fuel quality monitoring program helps fuel retailers:

  • Gain independent fuel quality control over the whole distribution chain
  • Access independent technical support for quality issues
  • Enhance consumer confidence in fuel quality
  • Enhance brand reputation and gain a competitive edge by distinguishing themselves from others in the market

Our fuel quality monitoring program helps consumers:

  • Identify a simplified selection of fuel retail stations that sell quality fuels
  • Prevent car damage and related costs
  • Access independent support for issues through professional and objective findings

Trusted Fuel Quality Monitoring Programs

As the world’s leading testing, inspection, verification and certification company, we offer unrivaled experience and expertise in fuel quality monitoring throughout every part of the supply chain.

To find out more about our fuel quality certification program and retail services, contact us today.

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