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Float Sink and Washability Testing

SGS is a global technical leader in float-sink/washability testing. Our experienced staff are located in major coal producing regions around the world and will give you accurate and impartial results.

Independent SGS test results are recognized globally and comply with all applicable international standards. Data from your float-sink/washability tests provide you with the information that you need to ensure:

  • Compliance with customer and plant specifications
  • Accurate blending for optimum plant operation
  • Assessment of coal quality and expected recovery rates
  • Characterization of types and amounts of impurities
  • Determination of optimum parameters for plant operations
  • Determination of optimum size range of a specific coal for cleaning

Washability characteristics are determined from float/sink analysis of core samples, as mined samples, or from preparation plant feed samples. During the test, your sample is characterized and quantified as low-density clean coal, high-density reject or intermediate-density middlings.

Our float/sink analysis can be performed on samples ranging in size from bulk washability samples (over 1 ton) to bench-scale size samples. We conduct the tests over a range of densities (from 1.3 specific gravity up to 2.25 specific gravity) and a variety of sizes (from coarse to fine coal).

We also perform froth recovery testing on finer sizes. If your coal contains a high percentage of middlings, we can perform the crushing studies required to determine if you can obtain additional yield by liberating coal from the middlings through crushing.

We offer you a full range industry standard testing services for the coal and coke industry. Our float-sink/washability tests provide you with the information that you need to fully understand the characteristics of your coal, resulting in more growth from your coal operation.

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