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Fighting Illicit Trade Services

Intelligence, training and inspection solutions to support business and governments in the fight against counterfeiting, smuggling and contraband.

Illicit trade damages reputations, threatens consumer health, costs governments an estimated USD 4.2 trillion annually and threatens 5.4 million legitimate jobs.1 Governments and business need effective measures for fighting illicit trade (FIT) and protecting intellectual property rights (IPR) or they risk financial damage, harm to consumers and loss of reputation.

Control less, control smarter

SGS FIT is a range of smart solutions that support the creation, implementation and evolution of targeted national and international strategies for FIT practices and protecting IPR. Encompassing high-level training and effective strategic planning, all backed by a global network of experts using the latest innovative technologies, our solutions allow governments and business to target FIT investment more accurately, enabling them to achieve more while controlling less.


Built around a unique 250 crucial point benchmark developed from major codes and international standards, SGS FIT services use the latest innovative technologies and highly effective in-person training solutions to help government identify risk and build capacity in their ability to fight illicit trade.


  • Diagnostics – assess current FIT capabilities to develop an effective legal and operational framework
  • Training – ensure agents are fully trained to identify the latest fraud trends
  • Operational support – reinforces on-site implementation of knowledge
  • Risk analysis – high level profiling to detect suspicious shipments
  • Training the trainers – build capacity in FIT capabilities by ensuring the effective transfer of knowledge throughout your network


  • Increased tax revenue
  • Greater economic protection
  • Citizens protected from dangerous goods
  • Enhanced reputations

Why choose SGS FIT?

We are SGS – the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company. For over 50 years, we’ve supported governments and the private sector with advanced trade facilitation, anti-fraud and compliance solutions. Our experts are fully accredited by globally recognized institutions, such as the World Customs Organization (WCO) and European Commission.

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