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Quality and safety system certification for specialty feed ingredients and mixtures with FAMI QS.

Demonstrate safety, quality and regulatory compliance in specialty feed ingredients markets.

High quality feed and feed ingredients are important for animal health and nutrition and are an integral part of the food supply chain. Certification to a recognized standard demonstrates a commitment to quality and safety, enhancing your reputation and enabling you to successfully access new markets.

What is FAMI QS?

FAMI-QS is the leading specialty feed ingredients and mixtures certification scheme. It shows ingredients are sourced from suppliers that enforce the correct risk management measures to ensure feed quality and safety and operate hygienic practices that meet regulatory requirements.

This accredited scheme covers the full range of specialty ingredients – chemical, bio processed, mined, extracted, mixed and/or formulated. It considers production, processing and trading, including buying, handling, storage, transportation and the selling of goods and services within the sector.

We were one of the first certification bodies to be accredited to FAMI QS and this continues to be a core service for the animal feed sector.

What are the benefits of FAMI QS certification from SGS?

  • Expert support in achieving FAMI-QS certification
  • Global expertise in specialty feed ingredients
  • Local network of specialists
  • Demonstrates best practice and regulatory compliance

SGS is recognized as the benchmark for quality and integrity in the animal feed sector. Wherever you operate in the world, our global network of specialists is ready to support you with a range of FAMI-QS auditing and certification services to ensure compliance with industry and market requirements.

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