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Data Visualization

Data visibility plays a critical role in clinical trials. It enables pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations to effectively monitor trial progress, access up-to-date data, and stay informed about key clinical developments.

Unlock the full potential of your clinical trial data with SGS's comprehensive data visualization dashboards. Our partnership with Tableau, the industry leader in powerful and personalized analytics software, ensures that you have complete visibility and control over your clinical study progress.

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Increasing Clinical Study Visibility with SGS Data Visualization Dashboards

Unparalleled visibility for complex clinical trials

Our dashboards provide complete data visibility during complex clinical trials. With our Tableau-powered solution, you can seamlessly integrate data from multiple sources, transforming it into intuitive and interactive visualizations.

Whether you are a project manager, clinical data manager, drug safety physician, medical monitor, or clinical research associate, our dashboards empower you to drill down into the data to extract meaningful insights and drive better decision-making.

Real-time insights for smarter decision-making

Make informed decisions faster with our data visualization services. Explore and analyze your data in seconds, using our dashboards for quick trend analysis to identify potential issues or outliers.

Perform cross-domain analysis and combine data from various sources directly from the dashboard, so you can monitor study progress from start to finish, oversee subject safety, and respond to challenges promptly.

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Easy-to-understand interactive dashboards

Simplify complex clinical data with SGS’ wide range of interactive dashboards. Gain instant access to key insights including:

  • Patient profiles
  • Demographics and enrolment status
  • Site performance overview
  • EDC query and page status tracker
  • Comprehensive summaries of drug exposure, adverse events, medications, medical history, laboratory results, vital signs, and physical examinations

Looking for an interactive dashboard that caters to your needs? We can help. We also specialize in developing customized dashboards tailored precisely to your unique requirements.

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Comprehensive study oversight made simple

Our data visualization services go beyond providing visualizations. They encourage collaboration across teams for seamless communication and knowledge sharing. With SGS as your partner, you can easily oversee your study's progress, respond swiftly to emerging issues, and drive efficient collaboration among stakeholders.

Our data visualization services will help you:

  • Make clinical study data more visible
  • Rapidly explore and analyze data
  • Spot issues or outliers with fast trend analysis
  • Easily perform cross-domain analysis and drill down on data
  • Synchronize data from multiple sources
  • Keep tabs on every step of your clinical study progress
  • Manage subject safety
  • Quickly respond to issues
  • Seamless communication and collaboration across teams
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Why choose SGS?

We are recognized as the benchmark for quality and integrity in clinical research. Thanks to our data visualization services, you will benefit from more efficient trial oversight and respond to issues faster. Our data visualization services can also be customized to suit your needs and are available as either standalone solutions or integrated within our comprehensive suite of services.

Contact us today to discover how SGS can optimize your clinical trial insights and adapt to your specific data visualization requirements.

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