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Carbonization Testing

Bench and pilot scale carbonization testing is used to evaluate coking coals and coking coal blends prior to testing in commercial coke ovens. Understanding the exact characteristics of your coking coal leads to the safe, optimal operation of your coking facility.

SGS has the technical expertise to accurately evaluate the overall quality of your coal via coal carbonization tests. We provide quick turnaround times and reliable, impartial results from our laboratories which are conveniently located in the major coal producing regions around the world.

SGS technical experts can use carbonization test results to evaluate how well your coal and coal blends will perform in by-product coke ovens. The coal characteristics that we test include the ease of pushing the coke mass from the oven, coking pressure, and resultant coke quality. Our coal carbonization tests include:

  • Sole Heated Oven (SHO)
    Tests done in sole heated ovens evaluate the contraction or expansion tendencies of coals or coal blends when heated under controlled conditions. SGS technical staff generate data that will help you formulate the specific coal blends required to produce high-quality coke safely in your coke oven.
  • 30 lb Pressure Test Oven (PTO)
    SGS testing laboratories include a 30lb pressure test oven with 2 computer-controlled heating programs. Our technical staff use this equipment to conduct a 3-hour program to determine maximum wall pressure generated by the coal sample and a 7-hour program used to generate coke for reactivity and after-reaction strength testing. High coking pressure can damage the walls in by-product coke ovens. SGS uses the PTO as an effective screening and comparison tool to provide data that will help you evaluate medium and low volatile coking coals.
  • Movable Wall oven Test
    SGS uses a moveable wall oven to accommodate your coal carbonization testing. Our 18’ oven holds a charge of 650-750 lbs of coal to test new or modified coal blends. This oven produces coke of suitable size and quantity for coke physical tests such as stability, hardness, and CRI/CSR.  Wall and internal gas pressures generated during the test are also measured. The movable wall prevents oven damage due to excess expansion and/or pressure.

The results of SGS carbonization tests allow you to select the coal or coal blend that will produce maximum quality coke. Using the correct coal or coal blend ensures smooth plant operation and reduced operating costs. You can trust coal carbonization test results from SGS, the leader in coal and coke analysis.

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