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Aviation Risk Management

Aviation risk management services from SGS – keep your operation safe, reliable and efficient, so that your activities can be delivered on time and on budget.

In situations where the regulatory environment is weak, or where the location of your operations is remote, you are likely to meet challenging weather and terrain issues. As a result, safe operations can only be achieved with expert aviation advice. That’s where our aviation risk management services can help. We can review your aviation operations and help you develop and implement policies and standards to help you manage risks.

Why choose aviation risk management services from SGS?

We can help you:

  • Assess, minimize and manage your exposure to aviation risk
  • Gain reliable aviation management gap analysis
  • Plan new ventures and emergency evacuation

We can also provide you with expert advice on:

  • Specialist role flying – including low level, survey, external loads, and more
  • Western aircraft, from light aircraft to airline category, and helicopters – from light trainers up to heavy lift and passenger transport machines
  • Cold weather operations, desert flying, jungle support, mountain flying, survey activities, seismic operations, helicopters, long- and short-line external load flying, and more

World-leading aviation risk management and advice

As a trusted global provider of aviation services, our expert aviation advisors provide professional guidance on aviation safety to companies from all over the world. We offer a range of services to help companies manage their exposure to aviation risk, including:

  • Assessment of aerodromes and heliports, including assistance with safety and emergency management exercises
  • Aircraft inspections
  • Risk analysis of your global travel program
  • Helideck inspection, friction testing and certification
  • Helipad inspections, HLO training and on-site aviation management
  • Jet-fuel-in-to-plane activities and consulting
  • Operational risk assessments and technical audits of aircraft charter operators

To discuss your aviation risk management requirements, contact us today.

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