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Aviation Fuel Testing

Aviation fuel testing from SGS – meet strict quality, handling, traceability and performance criteria, safeguarding the reliability of your operation and reducing business risk.

Fuel is more than just a commodity for the aviation industry, it is a strategic resource. Aviation fuel supply chains are varied and complex, with different parties in the chain taking custody and intermediate storage of the aviation fuel. Our jet fuel supply services verify that your assets and operations comply with regulatory requirements, ensure safe fuel handling and on-specification supply, continually improve your processes and practices, and strengthen your business reputation.

Why choose aviation fuel testing From SGS?

Our services enable you to:

  • Outsource your fuel supply requirements, so you can concentrate on your core activities
  • Improve the performance and efficiency of your systems, process and organization
  • Build confidence, transparency and safety into your supply chain
  • Demonstrate compliance with legislation and industry standards and build in assurance that due diligence, risk and change management controls are in place 
  • Ensure that you deliver on-specification fuel into your supply chain so the delivery networks are operating to the standards expected by your customers.

Trusted Aviation Fuel Testing From a World-leading Supplier

As a global leader in aviation services, we provide technical, consultancy and training services across a wide range of aviation fuels – from general and commercial to defence. Our solutions for sampling, analysis, validation, reporting and supply chain assurance include:

  • Tank farm, hydrant, delivery truck and equipment services, including inspections and management
  • Fuel testing and analysis to enhance accuracy of on-specification delivery, prevent equipment failures and supply disruption
  • Gap analysis and audit preparation
  • Development of fuel supply manuals, fuel quality and operating procedures
  • Inspection, management and training in fuel facilities, storage, transportation and handling
  • Audit programmes, both internal and external, against International or customer standards
  • Develop internal audit systems with audit checklists
  • Perform audits of fuel facilities along the full supply chain – from manufacture to end-users.

To discuss your aviation fuel testing requirements, contact us today.

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