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Aviation Consultancy Services

Aviation consultancy services from SGS – expert aviation advice to help you manage your operation’s aviation support and deliver the reliability and safety you need.

When your operation relies on aviation support, you need to ensure that your contracted service providers are delivering a safe, efficient and reliable service. We offer comprehensive aviation consulting and assessment services to give you the support you need – wherever your operations are in the world.

Why choose aviation consultancy services from SGS?

Where your company needs assistance developing standards, we can bring you a wealth of experience managing and auditing other aviation programs around the world to effectively address the risks of your aviation operations. We offer you extensive aviation consultancy for:

  • Charter operations
  • Offshore helicopter operations
  • Geophysical surveys
  • Helicopter external load operations
  • Marine pilot transfer
  • Aerial photography operations
  • Accident and incident investigation
  • Medevac and Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

World-leading Services From a Leading Provider of Expert Aviation Consulting

As a leading provider of aviation auditing services around the globe, we can help provide confidence in the safe and efficient delivery of your aviation operations. Our specialists provide detailed knowledge of:

  • Cold weather operations
  • Desert flying
  • Jungle support
  • Mountain flying
  • Aerial survey activities
  • Airborne seismic operations
  • Helicopters – long- and short-line external load flying
  • Helicopter marine pilot transfer
  • And a wide range of other operations

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