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Auger and Lance Sampling

Bulk sampling is one of the most important steps in the verification of the quality of your bulk cargo.

Bulk sampling is one of the most important steps in the verification of the quality of your bulk cargo.

Buyers, sellers and shippers of bulk commodities require accurate and representative sampling and accurate data. SGS sampling professionals have the experience and expertise to sample your cargos using auger or lance sampling procedures to ensure that you get a true picture of your cargo – not just a surface grab sample.

SGS is synonymous with the highest levels of integrity, independence, impartiality and accuracy in bulk cargo sampling. We apply the same best industry practices regardless of your location, commodity or shipment size. SGS global teams of professionals work with you to determine the best method, number of subsamples required and other considerations to make sure that you get the sampling and analytical results that meet your needs.

SGS offer a full range of bulk sampling services, including auger and lance sampling, at major ports and transportation hubs around the world. Auger and lance sampling can be conducted on many commodities that are transported by rail, truck or barge. Both methods result in more accurate, representational results than manual “car top” sampling.

  • Auger Sampling
    For operating sites where the preferred full stream mechanical sampling systems are not available, trucks or rail cars can be sampled using the SGS designed and operated mechanical auger sampling system. SGS supplies and operates truck mounted, rail-mounted and stationary augers designed to meet your specific requirements. SGS was the first supplier of mobile auger sampling systems in the world.

  • Lance Sampling
    Lance sampling is normally conducted on fine ore samples, including nickel or copper concentrates. During this manual sampling operation, the lance is forced into the bed of material and withdrawn. The sample contained in the tube is representative of the cargo penetrated. Lance sampling is done on-site and may not be possible at extremely cold temperatures if the concentrate is frozen.

SGS auger and lance sampling services provide you with accurate representative results. Rely on our globally recognized technical leadership to control your product quality by sampling your cargos in three dimensions and eliminating the risk of human error. 

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