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AS/EN 9120 – Quality Management Systems for Aerospace Industry

The universally adopted AS/EN 9100 Quality Management Systems for the Aerospace Industry standard covers the entire aerospace industry supply chain, including companies that design and manufacture equipment; supply accessories or replacement parts; and offer supply and maintenance or overhaul and repair services.

A number of related standards have been developed to address sectors within this industry. AS/EN 9120 is the Quality Management System standard that relates to aerospace supplier evaluation. The AS/EN 9120 standard has been developed for providers of aerospace stocklists, or pass-through distributors who are reselling, distributing and warehousing aircraft and aerospace components. An AS/EN 9120 certificate demonstrates to your partners in the aerospace industry that you understand the standard, that you meet the requirements, and that you are committed to aircraft safety. The SGS global network of aerospace auditors conduct independent, globally recognized AS/EN 9120 certifications and audits for aircraft parts suppliers and distributors worldwide.

We are the world’s leading certification, audit and verification organization. We have the depth and breadth of experience in the aerospace industry to verify that your operation meets AS/EN 9120 requirements. Our highly trained inspectors have in-depth knowledge of the standard. They ensure that you understand the standard and how it impacts on your operational procedures.

We are a trusted leader in certification to standards in the aerospace industry. Our inspectors’ recommendations will help you to make your operation more efficient and cost-effective, while complying with the requirements of the AS/EN 9120 Standard.

Partner with us for the AS/EN 9120 certificate that will prove your competence in the aerospace industry. Call our trusted team today.

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