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Aerodrome Inspection and Training Services

Aerodrome inspection and training services from SGS – reduce risk at your facilities and strengthen the reliability of your supply chain.

Whether they are for remote facilities or transport hubs, aerodromes are a vital part of support infrastructure and must be maintained and run according to strict national and international regulations. Safe facilities are a prerequisite for the secure and timely supply of personnel and cargo to and from your site.

Our aerodrome inspection and training services help you to reduce risk and improve productivity. We can inspect your aerodrome against International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), national regulatory authority, and customer specific standards, as well as industry best practice.

Why choose aerodrome inspection and training services from SGS?

We can help you:

  • Identify and correct hazards within your aerodrome and its management systems
  • Review the surrounding area for obstacles and other risks, such as bird hazards or mine site blasting activities
  • Verify the effectiveness of your safety and emergency management systems
  • Provide training on daily inspection requirements and other aerodrome maintenance

Trusted Aerodrome Inspection and Training Services From a World-leading Provider

As a leading provider of aviation consulting and inspection services, we offer you a global network of aviation experts who can support your operations anywhere in the world. Our aerodrome inspection services include:

  • Inspection against regulatory and custom requirements
  • Facilitation of safety and emergency management exercises
  • Training and workshops for aerodrome personnel

To discuss your aerodrome inspection and training requirements, contact us today.

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