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3D Metrology

3D metrology from SGS – accurate proof of the geometry of your industrial products with precise mobile measuring equipment.

Acquiring proof of the geometrical quality of machines and equipment, and intermediate and finished products from suppliers or your own in-house production is vital. However, due to the fact that manufacturing tolerances are extremely close and parts so complex, simple measuring tools are insufficient.

As a result, you require high-precision geometrical evaluations to measure your industrial products. Yet, metrology may not be part of your core business or you may need short-term metrology support during peak work times. That is why investing in expensive equipment that you will only use occasionally and developing your own measuring staff can be unrealistic.

Our 3D metrology service measures the geometry of your products with consultancy, 3D measurements, analyses, adjustments and documentation.

Why choose 3D metrology from SGS?

Our precise measurements can help you:

  • Position production facilities within industrial premises more accurately
  • Ensure that machine components, such as supporting brackets, pins, rails etc., are well-positioned
  • Confirm that plants are working correctly
  • Verify that intermediate and final products have the correct geometries, such as contours, drillings, dimensions, curvatures, etc. 
  • Ensure that components are properly assembled
  • Exclude sources of error, deficiencies and their subsequent costs
  • Develop your employees’ skills in mobile 3D measurement technology with in-house training from our experienced technicians
  • Gain essential support – whenever and wherever you need it
  • Optimize your products and processes
  • Set up and adjust your machines 
  • Secure long-term quality and safety

Precise 3D Metrology from Leading Experts

As leading 3D metrology specialists, we offer you more than a decade of experience and expertise in the high-precision proofing of products’ geometrical properties across the globe. Whatever the size – 160 millimeters or 160 meters – we can help. Our measurements achieve levels of precision of up to a hundredth of a millimeter, depending on the size of the object measured.

Our precise, mobile 3D-coordinate measuring technology can be brought to you wherever you need it. And precision is assured thanks to our use of the most accurate laser tracker technology available: Leica Absolute Trackers. Plus, T-Products (T-Cam and T-Probe) allow us to measure even hidden points, providing accurate, efficient measurements, fast.

Our 3D metrology service includes:

  • Neutral quality control under production conditions on and / or outside of the production
  • The measurement of 3D free formed surfaces (against CAD models)
  • Positioning of production machines according to factory layout
  • The installation and adjustment of individual production components (targeting actual comparisons in real time)
  • Inspection of machines and jigs
  • Determination of compensation parameters to optimize the positioning of robots and facilities
  • Acceptance tests
  • Deformation analyses on machines and components
  • Digitalization of your product
  • Developing measurement concepts
  • Professional training

To find out more about our 3D metrology service, contact us today.

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