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Product and Process Safety

Ensure regulatory compliance and manage risk to protect the environment, stakeholders and reputations with product and process safety services.

Businesses must manage operational risks, the type of which will depend on the specifics of sites, the processes involved and regulations relating to the sector.

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Regulations exist in all sectors to promote health and safety and environmental protection. Compliance with these is often mandatory. In addition to sector specific regulations, there are also cross-sector regulations such as REACH – a hazardous substance regulation which impacts on most businesses types operating in the EU/EEA.

Organizations must determine which regulations apply to their business and find ways to ensure they comply with them.

SGS Product and Process Safety Services

At SGS, we offer a wide range of services to help companies in all business sectors identify and comply with relevant regulations. Our experts will work with you to ensure your sites, processes and products are safe and compliant with relevant regulations.

Why choose SGS?

With a global network of EHS experts and local field teams, backed by an accredited laboratory network, SGS is the first choice for businesses looking to mitigate against risk in all sectors, including industrial and construction. With expertise covering all aspects of EHS practices, we can help you protect the environment, your stakeholders and your businesses reputation, providing you with the right information to ensure your products, processes and sites operate in a safe manner.

To learn more about product and process safety services, contact your local SGS office.

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