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Precious and Platinum Group

Through SGS’s global network of operations and laboratories, we deliver a broad spectrum of independent quality and quantification services for precious metals.

SGS geochemists perform quality, multi-element analyses targeting a wide variety of elements in many types of sample matrices. We are firmly committed to advanced technology; this commitment ensures we deliver on our promise to provide benchmark-setting quality service. Your needs are unique; therefore we have both tailored analytical packages and high-level standardized service offerings.

Precious metals (gold, silver and the platinum group elements) can be analyzed and assayed by many techniques. Please discuss your particular circumstance with an SGS chemist so you can choose the most appropriate method.

  • Platinum, Palladium and Gold Analysis by Fire Assay
  • Screened Metallics (Pulp Metallics)
  • PGE Analysis by Nickel Sulfide Fire Assay
  • Gold Assay by Aqua Regia Extraction
  • Gold & Silver Bullion Analysis

SGS has an intensive, on-going program to monitor quality in all our labs. Dozens of our labs carry internationally and industry recognized certifications and/or accreditations. Scopes vary among laboratories. SGS has a unique depth and breath of analytical expertise and experience available from our global network, contact us today.

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