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Improve safety and sustainability in your agricultural supply chains – from animal feed to crops and fresh produce.

Access a worldwide network of specialists to push safety and sustainability boundaries in your agricultural business.

Agriculture has never been more important and yet has never been under so much scrutiny from consumers.

Transparency in our food supply chains has become a key driver for consumers when making purchasing decisions. Use of Agro-chemicals, animal welfare, veterinary medicine use, and even livestock feed, are all now subject to increased scrutiny by consumers. They understood that demonstrating safety and sustainability in our food supply chains is vital for tackling our biggest challenge – world hunger. Operators who fail to conform to accepted standards are now being held accountable by consumers when they make purchasing decisions at the market.

Sustainability in the agricultural sector is vital for ensuring both effective production and conserving the natural environment. Adopting responsible farming practices is helping to ensure food security across the globe.

SGS understand the needs of the farmer in all parts of the world. We have developed a comprehensive range of support services that address food and feed safety, animal welfare and sustainability – from farm to food processing. We work with farmers as they strive to develop more sustainable methods for production, increasing yields, promote greater efficiencies, and improving access to new markets.

Supported by testing and trial services at our centers of excellence, our global network of specialists offer certification, customizable auditing solutions, and consultancy and training services, covering all aspects of the agricultural supply chain – from animal feed to crops and fresh produce.

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