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Aerospace Vendor Assessments

Aerospace vendor assessments from SGS – monitor and evaluate your supply chain to reduce risks, increase efficiency and better meet customer requirements.

Knowing that everyone involved in your operation is working to maintain the integrity of your brand is essential. That is where independent audits and assessments come in. We perform customized audit and assessment services to verify specified criteria within your supply chains. As a result, we enable you to reduce business risk and to better meet customer requirements by monitoring and evaluating your supply chain.

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Why choose aerospace vendor assessments from SGS?

We can help you:

  • Develop customized questionnaires to analyze the performance of your supplier
  • Prepare the assessment, selecting the right experts and processes to be assessed
  • Perform the assessment and deliver a report, helping you make the right decisions
  • Ensure that suppliers are meeting the requirements of your organization or those of any authority or country
  • Verify compliance against your communicated and contractually agreed production standards and expectations
  • Determine, communicate and assess the performance indicator (KPI) criteria
  • Gain expert input on the continuous improvement process, risk evaluation and the supplier selection/reduction/release process
  • Show compliance to your customers by meeting supplier monitoring standards

Trusted Aerospace Vendor Assessments From a World-leading Provider

As the leading provider of audit and assessment services, we offer you unrivaled experience, expertise and a unique global network. As a result, we can quickly provide trained and qualified technical specialists, wherever you need them – fast. That’s why we are the number one choice for clients across the globe. Our audit and assessment services include:

  • Vendor assessment and technical audits
  • Verification of workshop facilities and manufacturing techniques
  • Gap analysis audits to confirm the success of work already completed and to identify systems, processes and documentation for improvement
  • Assessment of current and projected workload and equipment capabilities
  • First and second party audits 
  • Verification of human qualification, hardware and resources

To discuss your aerospace vendor assessment requirements, contact us today.

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