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Manufacturing and Processing Industries

Customizing a flexible, digital service platform for the manufacturing and processing industries.

When you’re looking to achieve long-term sustainable development and production goals, you need a key partner to support you. SGS can help drive the set-up and operation of capacities, and the development of markets and products – so that you’re assured of quality, sustainability, safety and good financial management.

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To enable you in this, we provide:

  • Industrial and public health and safety management
  • Asset management and optimization
  • Product market penetration and conformity
  • Capacity development support, anywhere, anytime
  • Production, product and material quality
  • Materials, sourcing and supply chain development and optimization
  • ESG management and optimization

Our services offer you benefits including:

  • Reduction of costs in supply chain(s) management
  • Optimization of production by managing assets and processes
  • Compliance with statutory and industry standard requirements
  • Increased access to markets thanks to product assurance
  • Automation and digitalization
  • Outsourcing of ancillary activities
  • Focus in safety and the environment
  • Long-term sustainable development and production goals

Our goal is to help you improve your business, reduce your costs and give you, your customers and the end consumer trust and confidence in your product or service. Giving you time for where you add value the most.

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