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Supply Chain Assurance

Secure the quality, sustainability and integrity of your supply chain

As supply chains become more internationalized, they naturally become more complex, making them increasingly prone to disruptions caused by a lack of supplier visibility. Weak points in your supply chain and undetected issues can impact cost and time, and cause reputational damage and shareholder and stakeholder distrust.

Supply chain assurance services

Our supply chain assurance services provide auditing and verification across a multitude of areas and content. Whether using our checklists, customized programs and/or industry-driven initiatives, we are a trusted partner for deploying your program.

We offer subject expertise and supplier assurance solutions in many areas, including:

  • Social compliance
  • Environmental management
  • Quality management
  • Information security
  • Sustainability
  • Governance
  • Health and safety

Why choose supply chain assurance from SGS?

We offer you:

  • Brand audits: ensure that your brand is correctly represented along the full supply and value chains
  • Supplier audits: maintain best practices while minimizing business disruption
  • Industry/product stewardship audits: ensure that member companies adhere to your program’s benchmarks

We enable you to:

  • Successfully navigate the escalating situation and requirements with our customized audits – tailored to your organization
  • Audit and verify suppliers against a variety of risk-based content
  • Manage your suppliers and conduct audits to your policies, international standards and legislation
  • Gain absolute visibility of suppliers’ practices – domestic or worldwide
  • Assess risks and engage collaboratively with the supplier on remediation plans
  • Enjoy seamless and simple compliance auditing processes, covering brand-related issues, suppliers and product stewardship schemes
  • Address a multitude of risks, including quality, health and safety, and sustainability

We help you to consider:

  • Country and/or region of supply: when sourcing from low-cost or high-risk countries
  • Types of products and/or services: such as safety-critical items or those prone to theft due to high value on the black market
  • Spending levels: how much money your company spends on particular products and/or services
  • Safety: when suppliers import risks to your organization
  • Reputation: when supplier behavior directly affects your organization’s reputation
  • Quality: when high standards are required
  • Social and ethical: when there is an increased risk of factors like bribery, corruption, modern slavery and child labor, etc.
  • Noncompliance: when organizations do not comply with specific supply chain, employment and other legislation

Why SGS?

As the world’s leading assessment, audit and certification company, we perform thousands of customized audits each year, working with small and medium enterprises, as well as large, international corporations.

We can help you to manage your suppliers, conducting audits to your policies, international standards and legislation. Our customized audits enable you to gain absolute visibility of suppliers’ practices, domestic or worldwide.

We develop an audit program to suit your requirements and combine it with our world-leading risk management data and analysis, so you get a thorough audit across your supply chain, especially the most sensitive operations.

Our knowledge and global network of experts enable us to leverage large-scale resources for you. With our experience and guidance, you can work quickly and easily towards compliance with local, national and international regulations, reducing errors, increasing consistency and promoting positive values within your company and your suppliers.

As a trusted partner, with experience across all major industries, we are committed to transforming the compliance, transparency and performance of all products, services and supply chains that we audit.

What is SGS supplier risk management and Transparency-One?

Suppliers can import numerous risks, from third-party contractors entering your facilities to undertake crucial but high-risk activities to a supplier sourcing from low-cost countries with known social compliance issues.

Whatever the supplier, we know that many companies have international and complex procurement structures. Therefore, the visibility of supplier activities is decreased, which can lead to customer and investor distrust.

Combining our best-in-class technology and subject matter experts, we can partner with you to help manage your supply chain, ensure compliance and increase supplier visibility, no matter the complexity or international coverage.

Our supplier risk management solution has multiple approaches, including risk assessments, third-party data sources, self-assessment questionnaires, data validation and on-site audits based on supplier risk profiles.

Our cutting-edge, cloud-based Transparency-One platform enables you to discover, analyze and monitor suppliers and facilities across your supply chain, using real-time data to reduce risks. It can also provide end-to-end supply chain mapping, visibility, product compliance and safety to help you continually drive performance improvements.

To discuss your supply chain assurance requirements, contact us today.


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