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Baby Wearing Diaper

Comparing Trace Chemicals Methods in Absorbent Hygiene Products

Discover the methods for testing trace chemicals in absorbent hygiene products and how to choose the right approach for your goals. Download our white paper now.
Cyber Security Concept

White Paper: Trustworthy AI, Accountability

Focusing on accountability in AI, this white paper is part of our series of expert led discussions on trustworthiness in AI.
Blurred Railroad Tracks and Light Trails

The Use of Alternative Fuels in the Railway Sector

This new white paper focuses on the integration of hydrogen and renewable gases in the railway sector to support the zero emissions by 2050 target.
Human Agency and Oversight

White Paper: Trustworthy AI, Human Agency and Oversight

In our series of trustworthiness in AI, this white paper discusses how the human element is still critical for AI integrity.
Abstract Crowds of People with Virtual Reality Street Display

White Paper: Trustworthy AI, Fairness in AI and its Relation to Social Well-being

With the rising application of AI in various fields and domains, this white paper looks at the fairness of decisions made by AI.
Digital Generated Image of Data

White Paper: Trustworthy AI, Robustness and Performance of AI Applications

Continuing our series on trustworthiness in AI, this white paper gives an overview of existing practices in measuring its reliability and looks ahead to imminent challenges.
Digital Security Concept

White Paper: Trustworthy AI, Privacy and Security

This white paper continues our series discussing trustworthiness in AI by examining privacy and security measures.
AI Abstract Background

White Paper: Trustworthy AI, Transparency and Explainability

This white paper is part of our series of expert led discussions on trustworthiness in AI, and this time with a focus on the importance of transparency.
Cyber Security Concept 2

Information Security for the Medical Device Industry

Create a solid foundation for cybersecurity and data privacy.
Automation Manufacturing

Production Line Compliance Assurance

Learn more about production line compliance assurance and how we work at SGS, with example methodology and case studies.

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